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Imagine A Heat Pump So Efficient...

You can create savings out of thin air

The Eco Alliance Dynaheat Heat Pump Series is so advanced, it uses the surrounding air to create exceptional hot water.

What Makes the Dynaheat Heat Pump stand out is its

Better for the environment and your wallet

Energy Efficient

Water Heating is the largest single source of green house emissions accounting for almost a quarter of household energy use. DynaHeat Heat Pump Water heaters can be up to 70% more efficient than electric water systems.

Quality Design

DynaHeat features Japanese made Toshiba compressor coupled with Food Grade 316 stainless steel tank and coils and uses CFC Free (no ozone depletion) refrigerant

Designed for Australia

With a wide operating temperature range this heat pump has an ambient operating range from -7°C to +40°C. Provides a wide range of operations and settings to ensure the lowest energy consumption for your hot water service.

Approved under 3 Government Rebate Schemes,

Get Your Dynaheat Heat Pump supplied and installed!

Thanks to the Federal and State Governments,  no charges or hidden fees can be applied for the supply and installation of your new hot water service by certified professionals. The Dynaheat Heat Pump Hot Water Heater has been approved under three Government Rebate schemes: Commonwealth RET, State funding in Victoria under VEU and additional subsidies can apply via Solar VIC.


Ensure your Hot Water System

Heats fast and is Energy Efficient…