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At Eco Alliance, we have created a heat pump that uses the most innovative eco friendly technology.

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How Heat Pumps Work

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The Dynaheat Difference

Our heat pump range uses smart, renewable technology to extract energy from the surrounding air of the unit, then utilizes that thermal energy into generating hot water. This method of energy extraction means the heat pump doesn’t have to rely on conventional gas or direct sunlight to provide hot water for your home or business.

EA Heat Pump Series absorbs ambient energy and releases the heat into the water stored in the tank. The refrigerant circuit is a closed system in which the refrigerant circulates as a heat transfer medium.
The evaporator transfers the heat from the air to the refrigerant circuit,and the refrigerant evaporates into a gas.
The compressor compresses the refrigerant R134a, increasing its temperature. The heat is then transferred via a heat exchanger, to the storage water tank. The refrigerant R134a condenses in the process.
R134a flows through the expansion valve in a liquid state with decreasing pressure, thus completing the cycle by being routed back to the evaporator.

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